Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Creating my Wort Chiller

  After trying to cool my first batch of steaming hot wort in a cold tub of ice i realized that was just not efficient in any aspect so I went strait to looking into a wort chiller. Online there were a whole bunch of sick looking wort chillers but the prices were ridiculous. Therefore I went ahead and did some research on how to build my own and eventually took on the task.
The main sizes for Wort Chillers were 1/4'',  3/8'', and 1/2'' x 25' or 50' copper tubing.
I decided to go for the 3/8'' because it felt like a nice compromise between the two; allowing enough pressure to quickly shoot the water through. Also after some research in the store and online 1/4'' really felt to small and the tubing might give to the intense pressure change from the thick hose to the small 1/4'' tubing.

For the length I went with the 50' copper tubbing because it allowed there to be a lots of surface area to cool the wort and then if i ever upgraded my boiling pot the wort chiller would still do work.

To make the rounded shape I first decided to use a smaller boiling pot which turned out to be an epic fail so then I moved onto a scuba tank we had at the house.

 This seemed to get the job done quite well.

These are some of the parts I used thought by the end of it all I returned some and changed some others out.
The best thing to do is go to your department store ( I went to Lowe's) and assemble something till it works out.

Also don't forget the Teflon Tape!!
Thats crucial for a solid seal.

I purchased a copper wire bending tool but I ended up barely using it even though it might of been better since at the end I did put a 1 or 2 minor kinks in it. :(

I tried to bend the bottom back up through the middle
but it created far to much stress on the copper so
I simply ended up bending it up the exterior.

I added more claps to create a really tight seal.
Might be a bit of an overkill.

To the right is the hose connection
 and the left is the hot water run off.

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