Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Beer. A health benefit!

Beer and it's wonderful Benefits.

A licensed practical nurse could tell their patients about these benefits of beer.


"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy” 

                                                    - Benjamin Franklin  

  1. Less Aging - Scientific research has shown that moderate drinking ( about less then 4 drinks) of any kind—wine, beer or spirits—lowered the risk for death by 18% in women and 17% in men.         
  2. Reduced memory loss - At least one alcoholic drink a day helped reduce dementia at a rate of 85% slower than none-drinkers. And moderate drinking decreased the risk for Alzheimer's by 54% compared with not drinking.
  3. Reduced likely hood of Diabetes - Alcohol intake in moderate consumption lowered the risk for diabetes by 33% to 56% and the risk of developing diabetes-related heart disease by 34% to 55%.
  4. Reduced chances of Kidney Stones/Gallstone Disease - Drinking a bottle of beer a day reduced the risk for kidney stones by 40%.
  5. Reduced Osteoporosis - Researchers have found that social drinking was associ¬ated with higher bone mineral density in older men and women.
  6. Reduced Cancer - This one is really only true when you stick to moderation, but scientists have shown beer reducing some cancers such as  prostate cancer.
Many facts from: examiner.com 

  1. Hmmmm -  ..Well the only thing I can think of are those few measeling calories which is such a small amount it isn't even something to largely consider. Also intense binge drinking is not highly advised.

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